I was born magic, just like you. I made myself forget, like so many others. I abused myself into nothing and forgot how to handle my intense entity perception abilities resulting in various incurable and inexplicable diseases. For years I did my best to avoid seeing and hearing ghosts that was like second nature to me.

I did all I could to be ‘normal’ and ‘fit in’, while slowly going insane due to my decaying body all while having miraculous results with other people’s bodies in my bodyworker practice since 2015. I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness in 2018 and along with that, the tools of Talk to the EntitiesⓇ. It literally saved my life and all my body symptoms started to dissipate when I opened up to the Spirit World once again.  

All I knew possible as a kid started to become available and I didn’t stop until I created a life way beyond my wildest dreams. Once again, I had a desire to be alive and show others that it is possible to have ease and joy in life no matter your package. I finally had the tools and I was ready to educate. 

I run a full time Talk to the EntitiesⓇ business since 2021 being the weirdest, most undefinable clairvoyant in Hungary whom people seek in search of something truly different. The world is ready for the magic we be, claiming and owning earthly riches and cooperation with the spirits all while having way too much fun!

Is now the time to discover more of you, unleashing the magic and riches you truly be?

Let me show you a different possibility!